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Use this form to start a totally private conversation with me (Nick Turner, CET) about the enneagram, spirituality, yourself, your life, me, or anything else that appears in these pages or anywhere else. I love private conversations with people who visit this site!

If your conversation topic is stupid, pointless, spammy, trolling, or otherwise icky I reserve the right to ignore you, or send an equally icky reply.

There is no commitment required, and there’s no limit on how long we might keep it going. I’ll keep replying as long as you keep replying, unless I begin to lose motivation (see “Donations gratefully received,” below).

Your private conversation will begin with direct email between you and me. If we exchange some good email and we choose to have a real-time interaction, we can go visual by having a video meeting via Zoom or Face Time.

The invitation on this page is for private conversation. If you have a question or comment that is public and you don’t mind sharing it with the world when I publish it along with my reply, use the curious questions form.

Donations gratefully received
Private conversations often involve long, carefully considered emails. I care about my friends, including you, and I gladly take the time to compose these messages. But if I feel like I am putting in a lot of time without getting anything in return, I might lose motivation to keep sending you those long, carefully considered replies.

You can keep me motivated and satisfied by making a donation every so often. How much you donate and how often is up to you, but consider this: I might spend as much as an hour to write a personal reply, including valuable insights, suggestions, and questions. I am a professional enneagram teacher with real clients who stick with me for months or years at a time. How much do you think my time is worth?

Make your donations using the donations page. Thank you!