going deeper form

Not everyone is ready for this.

You are ready to go deeper if you:
     can make a serious commitment to personal evolution
     truly desire to reduce your level of suffering
     are not completely overwhelmed by your life
     are curious about yourself, other people, and the universe
     are willing and ready to deeply understand yourself
     can allow yourself to change, even if those changes are unexpected
     can apply yourself to various exercises and practices
     can be patient and forgiving with yourself

How does it work?
It starts by email. I will send you a series of questions to answer. At first it will be mostly about you and your life, your work (if any), your family and friends (if any) and other basic details of who you are.

As I (we!) begin to learn more about you, the questions will deepen. They will require deeper thought, and I will expect you to think seriously about each answer. If an answer seems easy, that is a clue that you should look for a deeper answer.

Along the way, I’ll include in my replies some (or a lot) of additional comments, to provide background about what we are doing, and to offer suggestions for practices, exercises, and other ways to make the process easier and more effective.

This work is about identifying the sources of your suffering, and helping you understand them. It’s easy to say, but not so simple to do. The enneagram is an important tool in our toolkit, and there are others too.

Dissolving suffering
As you gain clarity, the suffering is dissolved. It really is that simple, but the simplicity is deceptive. You are a complicated, intelligent, self-aware being, not a simple machine. You will have to face some things you might be afraid of, but I will be there holding your (virtual) hand.

Every time a source of suffering is cleared, there will be a feeling of lightness, as if you have shucked off a burden. We will recognize it when it happens. Then, after you have a time to re-balance, your soul will naturally and effortlessly begin to reveal the next issue to look at, in the form of a new kind of suffering. Once that one is cleared, there will be another and another, until you have cleared most of the obvious sources of suffering in your life.

I don’t mean to imply that we will be solving physical issues. If you have debts, you will (probably) still have debts. If you have a long-term medical condition, it (probably) won’t be miraculously cured. But because of your new level of understanding, the level of actual suffering will be dramatically reduced, and any physical issues will be easier to handle.

Lightening up
After some amount of this kind of process, your whole life takes on a lighter, more open quality. You may not be triggered into difficult emotions or reactions by nearly as many experiences. Instead of being drawn into your own dramas, you become much more available to help other people with theirs, should you desire to, or to apply your energies in any other direction.

This is my goal for this work: To help my friends (“clients”) to be happier in their lives, more free of suffering, and more liberated to pursue the lives they truly desire. I desire this for you, if you are able to receive it.

Please note that I make a few assumptions. I assume that:
     you actually want to be free of suffering
     it is possible for you to understand yourself (some people can’t do that)
     you are persistent and stubborn enough to stick with it
If any of these assumptions is wrong, we’ll go astray.

After we correspond for a while by email, when we both feel ready we can begin real-time video calls by Zoom or Face Time.

Of course, everything we discuss will always be completely confidential and private. This is an important part of my professional work as an enneagram teacher, and I take your privacy very seriously.

Donations are required for this offering
Going deeper is a serious invitation to a continuing, working relationship between you and a professional enneagram teacher. While I do not require a particular amount or frequency of payment, I do expect that you will support this work by making a donation of an amount that feels right (and affordable) whenever you feel it’s appropriate. How much and how often is up to you. Keep in mind that I often spend an hour or more to write a reply. How much is my time worth? Use the donations page to send me a few bucks now and then, to keep me satisfied and motivated.

Are you ready? Fill out the form below and I’ll get back in touch by email within a few days.