You are invited to three different ways to deepen your enneagram experience.

Do you have a curious question or two, or a few?
Your questions are welcome! Use the curious questions form to send them in. You will receive a direct email reply, and I might publish your question and my answer here on this site. Please note, this is for public questions only.

Would you like to have a private conversation?
Want to talk about something personal? There’s no commitment, it’s totally casual, and completely private. We can use email, Zoom, or Face Time. Use the private conversation form to start a conversation.

Are you ready for deeper exploration?
The enneagram is as deep as you are willing to go. This is a personal, confidential invitation to continue your own enneagram journey, accompanied by an experienced, helpful friend.

Why do you want to go deeper?
     Are you looking for freedom from suffering?
     Do you want to find peace?
     Are you longing for meaning?
     Do you want to understand yourself?
     Will you be satisfied with anything less than Ultimate Cosmic Truth?

If you are serious about personal evolution, then I am here to help as a guide, advice-giver, teacher, friend, and co-explorer. This is us, agreeing to journey together through some lands that might seem unknown. Don’t worry, I know the way!

     Where does this road lead?
     What experiences will we have along the way?
     Are you ready for the next step?

Use the going deeper form to learn more, and perhaps continue your journey with a new friend and guide.