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enneagram 101 is an introductory course including the basic principles, descriptions of personality types and wings, levels of balance and more. Read the first nine pages for the basics, then dive into the type descriptions.

I’m always interested in new pictures for enneagram 101. If you have some (royalty free please!) to donate or suggest that you think might fit in, send them along!

prelude: at the coffee shop | nine facets of love | the Law Of Three
how to study the enneagram | some common questions | the basic structure
levels of inner balance | integration and disintegration | wings and notation
intro to type descriptions
type 1 | type 1 with 9 wing | type 1 with 2 wing
type 2 | type 2 with 1 wing | type 2 with 3 wing
type 3 | type 3 with 2 wing | type 3 with 4 wing
type 4 | type 4 with 3 wing | type 4 with 5 wing
type 5 | type 5 with 4 wing | type 5 with 6 wing
type 6 | type 6 with 5 wing | type 6 with 7 wing
type 7 | type 7 with 6 wing | type 7 with 8 wing
type 8 | type 8 with 7 wing | type 8 with 9 wing
type 9 | type 9 with 8 wing | type 9 with 1 wing
another Tuesday morning


intuitive enneagram is about the immediate, real-time, direct perception of the enneagram in ourselves, in other beings, and in the world.

why intuition rocks
keep it open
[ watch this space for more posts about the intuitive enneagram ]


Can a well-asked question
be more powerful than an answer?

Do you have any questions?

[ will there be more questions? ]

person of the moment inquires into the personalities of people who are famous, fictional, or who can be found online.
[ person of the moment will begin when it’s time ]

Here are various other posts:

a milestone (finished entering enneagram 101!)
An interesting interview (I am interviewed by Carol McClelland Fields, PhD)

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