introducing question of the moment

You may have noticed there are lots of questions in these pages. You could call me a “curiophile,” a lover of curiosity. There is nothing as curious as a well-asked question in an open mind.

Questions are powerful tools. Like any tool, they can be used skillfully or in sloppy, even dangerous ways. There is an art to good asking. You can guide the course of the questions, looking for new angles.

In question of the moment, you’ll find what I call “question poems.” Each one starts with a topic question, often one taken from other pages on this site, then flows into a series of additional questions that help open up the meaning of the topic question. Usually, but not always, the poem ends with some kind of punch line, which of course is also a question.

These questions are meant to be asked inwardly, by “me” to “myself.” I make it my own by turning it back on myself, with ruthless honesty in the complete safety and privacy of my own mind. I ask every question with passion and genuine curiosity. I hope you will do the same.

Don’t expect or pretend or try to know the answer. See what experiences arise!

Note: Proper, deep, curious questioning can lead to altered states.

I would be delighted to receive your questions of the moment, and especially your question poems. I will share the best of them for everyone to ask.

As you read the questions, don’t just read them.

Be the one who is asking!

…and now, our first question of the moment:

Do I hand out plastic roses?

What is a plastic rose?
    …something dead?
    …something artificial?
    …an insincere compliment?
    …unwanted help?
    …a fake smile?

Do plastic roses have thorns?

How can I tell if a rose is plastic or genuine?

Why hand them out?


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