why intuition rocks


This web site is about the learnable skill of the intuitive enneagram. There are many excellent teachers out there who take a very analytical approach, which is important and powerful… and, there is another way to absorb the system that takes it to the next level.

Using the enneagram intuitively is direct, (often) instantaneous, wordless, and sometimes amazingly accurate. It is exactly like having a whole new sensory organ, one that operates through sight and sound, and maybe even smell and touch. Together these channels form a new sense, kind of like tasting the flavor of someone’s inner being. It’s a wonderful way to better know our brothers and sisters, and ourselves as well.

When the enneagram becomes an integral part of us, so that its intuitive perceptions operate all the time, the human race takes on a much deeper quality. We see more clearly who everyone is, and we can interact with our fellow humans in a more compassionate, understanding, loving way. It is impossible not to love someone when you can see who they really are, no matter who they are.

That’s not the end of it. There is great joy and pleasure in this new sensing, and that joyful pleasure goes out into the world, touches those we are seeing, and reflects back to us. By using the enneagram intuitively in our daily lives we are literally making the world a happier place.

Learning the intuitive enneagram is difficult if you don’t understand the analytical side. One way to get started is Enneagram 101 — see the contents.

With the basics under your hat, the next step is to observe people, lots of them, with great attention, all the time. There is a special way of observing that opens us to receiving intuitive information. It comes with practice.

In future posts we’ll explore the direct experience of intuitive perception, the various sensory channels involved, and the inner shifts needed to open the new “enneagram channel” right alongside sight, smell, and touch.



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