An interesting interview

190123-Show-picture.jpgI have been interviewed about “Change and The Enneagram” by my associate and colleague, Carol McClelland Fields, PhD. Carol works with amazing people we call “Change Catalysts,” who work with their own clients to help them through times of change in their lives, careers, and families.

I also work with Carol and her clients, bringing in the perspective of the enneagram, not only as a system of personality types but also as a tool for understanding processes and evolution.

Carol has developed a powerful model of change that she uses with her clients, called the Seasons of Change, which has several interesting features in common with the enneagram. We discuss some of the parallels between the two systems, and go into some depth about how the enneagram can help people deal with change more effectively.

You can listen to this fascinating 50-minute interview from the show’s page at Inspired News Radio. It’s a good listen!