Why are there so many questions in these pages?
What is the value of a question?

Is there anything as curious
as a well-asked question
in an open mind?

Is a question like a tool?
Is there an art to good asking?

Can a question be used
in a way that is sloppy, unskillful,
or even dangerous?

What is the best way to ask a question?
What if I ask it inwardly, of myself?

What if I make it my own
by turning it back on myself with ruthless honesty
in the complete safety and privacy of my own mind?

Do I ask every question with passion and genuine curiosity?

Do I expect or pretend or try to know the answer?

Do the best questions have answers?

Can proper asking lead to altered states?

Do you have any interesting questions?
Will you send them to me?
Will your questions appear in these pages?


What will be next in mu?

Will you watch this space?

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