type 8 with 9 wing

Many average 8/9s are socially unpolished and physically powerful. When eightish dominance combines with nineish passivity, but the eight is stronger, the personality is quiet but aggressive, usually slow-moving but capable of sudden violence. 8/9 is more likely to ignore a challenge than 8/7, but also more likely to erupt into overt anger than the more passive 9/8. While 8/9 would prefer to sit back and relax, it is important that the situation be under control first. There is a heavy, slow quality to most 8/9s.


Balanced 8/9 uses gentle strength with kindness. As 8/9 becomes more in touch with the inner self, the drive to dominate becomes less compulsive, and the seemingly contradictory desire to withdraw and be settled is also less overwhelming. This frees the will, allowing 8/9 to see the value of choosing carefully when to be powerful and when to pull back, rather than being enslaved by alternating sleepiness and angry outbursts. Others benefit from the well-timed use of personal power.

In extreme integration we have someone whose healthy, unselfconscious ambition is augmented by a wonderful, powerful benevolence. Here are some of the greatest leaders and mystical teachers, who sometimes gather enormous followings of devoted seekers. Advanced 8/9 teachers are able to be tough when toughness is needed, and gentle and loving at other times.

Average to unhealthy 8/9 carries within a deep conflict between self-forgetting and combativeness. As these contradictory urges intensify, 8/9 becomes less predictable and more dangerous. Times of quiet are deceptive, because there is anger simmering beneath the surface. Sudden explosions of rage become more intense and frequent.

In extreme imbalance the influences of nine stressing to six and eight stressing to five add two different flavors of paranoid anxiety, which combines with the withdrawal of the nine to bring 8/9 into a state of self-protective isolation. Those who intrude into the inner sanctum may be violently attacked or even killed. Psychotic 8/9 is the archetypical antisocial personality, totally lacking conscience and compassion.

Although there are some notable exceptions, for the most part 8/9 simply doesn’t care about looking good. With rough, usually large features and a slow, simple way of being, these are people whose lifestyle is practical and unpresumptuous. Most 8/9s are more interested in relaxing than going out to some social or cultural event, and their wardrobe and appearance usually reflect this preference. If an 8/9 is attractive and charismatic, it is usually because of an inborn talent at natural leadership more than any particular appearance element.

Some 8/9s find work that lets them run their own show without being bothered much by other people. Sanitary engineers, night guards, factory workers, construction workers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators. Others are more exposed to the public as diplomats, politicians, actors, or military leaders. There are 8/9 airline pilots, ranchers, country music stars, and bodyguards. Of course, 8/9s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.



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