type 8 with 7 wing


Here’s the roughest, toughest personality in the enneagram. Average 8/7 is full of pushy, powerful energy. The eight‘s desire to dominate overpowers the seven‘s desire to entertain, so being in charge is more important than being the life of the party. Eights in general do not bother much with appearances, but 8/7‘s seven-wing brings in some desire to look good, or at least interesting, unlike 8/9, who is often oblivious to appearance.

Balanced 8/7 softens up and gains charm and tact. With increased awareness, 8/7 loses some of the compulsive combativeness and the tendency to go to extremes is moderated. Real personal power, from essence, becomes more available in place of artificial bravado. 8/7 realizes that sometimes the most powerful thing to do is to wait, rather than charging in blindly.


Highly integrated 8/7 finds that when dominance is a choice (and eight integrates to two), one can choose to be kind and gentle, using power constructively instead of combatively. Seven integrates to five, and impulsive action is replaced by considered, perceptive understanding, making rash actions unnecessary. A person who may have been unpolished, rude, and rough becomes a sophisticated judge of situations, intuitively in touch with the flow of human interaction. This new perception makes options available that were previously inconceivable.

Unhealthy 8/7 can become physically dangerous. With little or no concern for the rules, almost no emotional sensitivity, and an unsociable, highly belligerent nature, this person can become a rough character. Here is the schoolyard bully, the street thug, and the uncultured slob. (If you don’t like it, tough. Why bother to be careful when I can get what I want through brute force?)

With further stress, 8/7 becomes violent, rude, and deadly, lashing out at whatever gets in the way. But as the violence increases, so does the need to defend against counterattacks. Eight pulls in the worst of five, creating the need for walls and protection, while seven‘s stress to one brings increasingly intolerant, judgmental thoughts. The world becomes a crazy battlefield, where one must kill or be killed, and every moment requires constant defensive and offensive maneuvering.

When it comes to appearance, 8/7 can be slick and sharply well-dressed, or remarkably careless. It all depends on mood and circumstances. When things are good, and 8/7 feels empowered, the hair might be well-styled, the clothes neat and classy, and the manner dapper and maybe even elegant. But if trouble comes, appearances may suffer. It’s hard to look good when you are fighting. Many 8/7s have large features and a thick, rough complexion. Some are physically enormous, and much of that mass may be muscle.

Some 8/7s find work that puts them in charge of something they can really get their teeth into. Construction foremen, dictators, explorers, army generals, organized crime bosses, boxers, corporate CEOs. Others have smaller territories as middle managers, sports coaches, drill sergeants, or simply the head of their own family. There are 8/7 long-haul truck drivers, factory workers, small business owners, and muggers. Of course, 8/7s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.



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