type 6 with 7 wing


When an average 6/7 feels anxious, the reaction is likely to be immediate and colorful. Unlike the more subdued 6/5, 6/7 is likely to react impulsively to stress. Instead of fiveishly analyzing, 6/7 is more likely to sevenishly jump into action, sometimes in inappropriate ways. However, because the cautious sixness is more powerful than the flamboyant seven-wing, 6/7 usually pulls back from extremes before they become too threatening. This inner conflict between flamboyance and caution can produce a person who is emotionally rather volatile, similar in some ways to 4/3.

Balanced 6/7 has a feeling of firm steadiness, sure-footed and quiet. As sevenish impulsivity and sixish anxiety diminish, they are replaced by a calm deliberateness. Although fun and companionship are still highly valued, the desperate longing for security has been converted into inner strength. This is someone who can become a true brother or sister, or a genuinely loving parent.

With further development, 6/7 finds a deep sense of belonging to the universe, and to mankind. Nineish calm and sixish faith combine with sevenish joy and fiveish perception. This is a person who values the relationship with the One Greatest Authority over all others. Through gentle, tolerant brotherhood, extremely balanced 6/7 shares with others a sense of eternal companionship and security.

Unbalanced 6/7 is usually visibly desperate. Anxiety and insecurity become powerful controlling influences. Jumping from one colorful emotional state to another, trying to find any way to quell the increasing sense of uncertainty and vulnerability, stressed 6/7 looks for someone out there who will help, but finds no one who can be trusted.

As tension mounts, highly stressed 6/7 will try anything to escape from the increasingly intolerable situations that arise. Others move away from a person whose impulsive grabbiness and dependent gestures become unpleasantly intrusive. Physical illness, car troubles, boyfriends, girlfriends, landlords, all become scapegoats for the real problem of inner helpless dependence. (You are either all-good or all-bad, and whether I like you or not can change from moment to moment. My very identity splits into fragments as I desperately cut myself into pieces to escape the horrible sense of impending catastrophe.)

6/7s can be quite physically attractive. The sixish desire to be liked combines with sevenish sensuality and vanity, and the result could be someone who can dress and act in a highly appealing way. There is sometimes a shy sort of cuteness, even in the males, or perhaps a macho sort of masculine charm or a coyly innocent feminine sexuality. 6/7 usually likes to be clearly of one gender or the other, unlike the more gender-neutral sevens.

Some 6/7s find work that lets them have fun while feeling safe. Cartoonists, actors, comedians, magicians, social satirists, talk show hosts. Movie reviewers, baseball players, singers and performers. Others deliberately dive into adventure, becoming explorers, test pilots, tour guides, or travel reporters. There are 6/7 security guards, police officers, airline pilots, secretaries, bus drivers, and sports announcers. Of course, 6/7s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.



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