type 3 with 2 wing


Average 3/2 is the prototypical sales personality. The threeish desire to be admired is stronger than the twoish desire to please others, so it is more important to look good than to make others feel good, although they will do both if they can. Unlike the more withdrawn 3/4, they want to reach the largest possible audience. Threeish, mainstream attractiveness is flavored by twoish seductiveness, rather than fourish specialness. 3/2s possess a calm, cheerful social manner, always trying to show the best side. They want you to feel that they are emotionally together even if they aren’t.

Healthy 3/2 loses the false polish and becomes more real. The vanity of three turns into genuine self-observation, and the seductive pride of two turns into appropriate humility. Balanced 3/2s are friendly and personable people whose natural social skills help others feel comfortable. They find pleasure in playing without always having to win, although of course they can still choose to be competitive when it’s appropriate. Genuine feelings emerge and are given expression as two integrates to four, while three going to six provides a sense of belonging that builds powerful bonds of friendship.

Further 3/2 integration leads to an astonishing ability to generate enthusiastic optimism and self-confidence in others. Highly evolved 3/2 can be an expert motivational speaker. The uplifting message is delivered with style and power, zooming right to the heart of the listener, where the magic of positive thinking can begin. They bring us to our feet shouting and jumping for joy, eager to take the reins of our life and charge onward into the future.


Unbalanced 3/2s become trapped by the vain desire to be admired and attractive. They begin to hide more and more behind the false emotional facade. Trying ever harder to show the emotional states they think others think they should show, they get further out of touch with whatever real emotions are being ignored. The anger and pushiness from the two-wing’s disintegration to eight combine with three‘s nineish emotional deadening, for a kind of hostile self-promotion.

If 3/2s lose touch still further, eightish anger at the world is the only emotion that is strong enough to penetrate the cotton wall of nineish deadness. In a peculiar, zombielike state, the most horrible atrocities might be committed. Sometimes extremely unbalanced 3/2s are nice-seeming, quiet people who just happen to be mass-murderers or serial rapists. (See who brought you to ruin! I am the one.)

3/2s usually want to be well-dressed, in the top fashion of whatever social group they belong to. Their clothing is well-chosen and reflects the mainstream, not the fringes of fashion. Makeup and jewelery are well within the norms of their largest audience. Note, however, that some audiences like excess, and threes who are addressing such groups will meet their expectations.

Some 3/2s find work that puts them on display in a glamorous way. Actors, singers, football players. Others follow their ambition into the business world, becoming executives, salespeople, managers, or advertising agents. They might be motivational speakers, models, game show hosts, or newscasters. There are 3/2 DJs, politicians, and image consultants. Of course, 3/2s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.



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