type 2 with 3 wing


Average 2/3 is more outward than 2/1. The ambitious vanity of three combines with two‘s desire to be loved, and the result is someone who is not afraid to step into the spotlight. 2/3s usually have a seductive, playful side, unlike the more serious 2/1s. The three-wing gives them a showy, mainstream kind of appearance-consciousness. The twoish desire to please others is stronger than the threeish desire to be admired, although both desires are present.

Healthy 2/3s get beyond the immediate desire to please. Image-consciousness and pride drop away and they become able to experience real, heartfelt love. They no longer need the constant reassurance of someone else’s admiring gratitude. Two integrates to four, opening up new realms of creative expression, while the three goes to six, bringing in a deeper appreciation of the value of belonging to a real community of friends. They become genuine, loving companions.

An extremely awake 2/3 is someone whose generosity is so continuous and so genuine that it seems to be an inseparable part of the personality. Never is there even the tiniest hint that anything is expected in return — in fact, extremely advanced 2/3 sometimes becomes so good at giving that the recipient never finds out where the help came from (or even that it has happened). 2/3 saints somehow encourage the universe to shower gifts on others. Generosity comes through them, not from them.


Unhealthy 2/3 becomes less able to restrain repressed desires. In a misguided attempt to get others to meet their (unspoken) needs, they might manufacture more and more imaginary needs to fill for others. Their intrusive, self-satisfied help might cause others to move away. 2/3 may hide the resulting loneliness and anger behind an outwardly carefree appearance, but others can usually see that there is hypocrisy involved.

In the end, very unbalanced 2/3 may break down under the stress. Suddenly the truth pops out from under the increasingly strained wrappings of self-delusion, and in a desperate effort to paste over the uncomfortable vision, they may fly into a homicidal hysteria or a psychotic hell. The repressed feelings of a lifetime spew out in days or weeks. Relationships that have lasted for years might be discarded like used tissue, leaving others desolate and grief-stricken.

2/3s often put a lot of energy into looking good. In Western cultures, females typically wear makeup in almost every public situation, and the males take care to be well-dressed and groomed. Their clothing might be quite attractive, but not necessarily unique. They like a well-dressed, socially approved kind of sexiness. Some of the most conventionally attractive people are young 2/3s, whether they are males or females. Many 2/3 females, and a good many of the men as well, gain lower body weight as they age.

Some 2/3s find work that puts them in the spotlight while allowing them to help others. Restaurant headwaiters, hotel managers, executive secretaries, clothing designers. Others build families of close friends and cater to their needs. Massage therapists, cosmetologists, florists, prostitutes, gigolos, and thousands of career housewives. They might become media stars. Singers, dancers, sex-stars. There are 2/3 retail managers, business leaders, physical therapists, celebrity interviewers, and spouses of powerful people. Of course, 2/3s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.



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