type 2 with 1 wing

Average 2/1 combines oneish judgment with twoish people-pleasing. 2/1s are tighter and more rigid than 2/3s, but less exacting than 1/2s. They regulate their behavior carefully, in order to always stay polite and proper. Overall, they want to put on a happy face, but because of repressed anger (from the one-wing) and repressed personal needs (from the two), their happy face might sometimes be pinched with tension. They are less interested in appearing sexy and glamorous than 2/3, and they are more interested in becoming indispensable than 1/2.


Healthy 2/1s often find that their true calling involves helping others grow, especially children. They become able to help themselves as wisely and lovingly as they help others. They enjoy watching people find their own calling, accepting the delightful differences among us. Sevenish joy from the one wing’s integration combines with fourish depth and empathy. The result is tolerant, patient celebration of growth and diversity.

Advanced 2/1s are in contact at the same time with deep love and inspired wisdom. They are especially good at helping those who are in the most desperate possible situations. They plunge boldy into terrifying scenes and bring glorious hope, love, and healing with them. Usually it is the least self-sufficient who benefit the most from their endless charity.

Unhealthy 2/1s lose the ability to sense their own needs, and become more likely to actually speak their negative judgments of others. Their increasing self-criticism usually gets repressed, because the vainglory of the two is more powerful in them than the guilt of the one. Their inner conflict is as dangerous and powerful as that of the 1/2, but less visible because it is heavily repressed by self-deception. The most obvious sign of the escalating inner struggle might be increasing facial tension.

Eventually, the breaking point is reached. When two goes to eight, violence erupts. In the name of love, manipulation turns into physical coercion. Self-deception reaches amazing levels as destructive acts are rationalized into hard love. Fourish guilt is submerged and converted into further denial. (I am doing this for your own good, and it hurts me more than it hurts you.) In the end, “loving confrontations” may generate such hatred and fear in others that psychotic 2/1 may become the target of violence, as well as the origin.


Most 2/1s prefer to dress conservatively, but stylishly. Neatness is important. Nothing too bold or outrageous. Elegance and poise, quietly distinctive with maybe a sparkle of jewelry or a colorful tie. Like 1/2, they hold themselves carefully erect, and sometimes seem to be looking down their nose. They might have a tendency to be a little more formal than is really necessary.

Some 2/1s find work that helps them take care of other people while also teaching them. Hosts of children’s TV shows, TV chefs, kindergarten teachers, professional nannies, museum guides, school principals, authors of children’s books. Disciplined helpers, like nurses, dental aides, secretaries, telephone operators. Others find fulfillment by being housewives (or husbands), managing their homes with firm correctness. There are 2/1 actors, doctors, flight attendants, and comedians. Of course, 2/1s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.



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