type 1 with 2 wing


Average 1/2 combines the dry, rational, practical concerns of type one with the wet, other-directedness of two. The emotional repression of one is somewhat balanced by the self-defined goodness and desire-to-please of the two. 1/2s typically care more about appearance than 1/9, and because of their oneish perfectionism they often dress immaculately. The pride from their two-wing makes them more visibly sensitive to criticism than 1/9, although both subtypes are internally very hard on themselves. Unlike 2/1, they would usually rather do the right thing than please someone else, although they want to do both if possible.

Healthy 1/2s begin to loosen up somewhat, becoming able to let go of their righteous judgements. They begin to allow for the possibility that their views might not be entirely accurate. Their other-directed corrections soften up and actually become helpful rather than intrusive. They become able to see the difference between proud perfectionism and healthy tolerance of differences.

When 1/2s attain spiritual opening, they can become teachers of the highest order. One integrates to seven, bringing in joy and enthusiasm, while two integrates to four, replacing selfish manipulation with genuine compassionate concern for others. Deep oneish wisdom combines with twoish loving generosity for an intensely personal kind of guidance or friendship. Somehow advanced 1/2s seem to know exactly what to say or do in any situation.

Unhealthy 1/2s run into problems when twoish pride interacts with oneish perfectionism. A tremendous inner conflict rages between the two-wing that says “I am a good, generous person” and the oneish view that sees every tiny error as a sign of fundamental worthlessness. One disintegrates to four, where self-critical introspection creates a spiral of hopelessness, while two disintegrates to eight, so that when the heavily repressed anger erupts it may do so in sudden (but usually very short) fits of hyper-critical rage, sometimes accompanied by overt violence. Naturally these violent fits then become more food for the self-judgment spiral, as the 1/2 falls into guilty remorse.

In the worst cases, repressed oneish anger and hostile twoish pride combine, creating intense sessions of wrenching, hand-wringing despair. (If my anger is not expressed towards others, then it is directed at myself. I am not good enough if I cannot pull my own weight. I must work harder and harder, or I will fail my own increasingly difficult self-tests.) Self-punishment is necessary, in the form of grueling work days, endless tormented repetitions of not-quite perfect tasks, and every kind of refusal to experience any sort of pleasure. Suicide is quite possible.


Most 1/2s take care to always appear neat, clean, and orderly. Hair is carefully clipped, especially facial hair (if any) and clothing is just so. Beards are usually partial (in western societies), shaved in places for a distinguished effect. Physically they are usually on the thin side, although of course there are exceptions. They might hold their heads high. Sometimes it might seem as if they are looking down their noses at the world. Some may smile with a condescending feel. Maybe the eyebrows are lifted perpetually into points, showing a judgmental quality.

Some 1/2s find work that expresses an urge to help other people become perfect. Teachers of all kinds, but particularly languages, humanities, science, and medicine. Doctors, dentists, physicians, surgeons, health counsellors. Dieticians, tour guides, advice columnists. Another common direction is towards discriminating legal wisdom. Court judges, of course. Prosecuting attorneys, criminal analysts, and legislators. A 1/2 might find a way to champion a cause. Environmental crusaders, public safety specialists, regulators of morals and ethics, religious leaders, charismatic preachers. There are 1/2 ship captains, superheroes, actors, and mathematicians. Of course, 1/2s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.



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