nine facets of love

My life was permanently changed when I learned about the enneagram and began using it as a personal development tool.  Excited and curious about the tool itself, I started avidly pursuing it, and it opened up like a lotus.  Inside was a new way of directly experiencing other people’s personalities, and nine facets of the great jewel of love.


I used to think I knew a lot about the enneagram.  Now it is clear that I have far more questions than answers.  Somehow this seems to deepen the quest, rather than being frustrating. As an enneagram teacher, I present to you in these pages some of the questions I have asked myself, together with some theories and maybe some truth, and I share some of the techniques and perceptions that have been granted to me.

knowing it from the inside
The enneagram has become a popular tool for self-analysis, as well as a way to understand others.  But how many people really know it from the inside?  Is there a way to know the enneagram that takes our perceptions to a new level, beyond words and mental concepts?  Can the enneagram become a medium of direct perception, like color or sound?

Is the enneagram more than a simple system of categories?  If it can be so fully absorbed into the mind and heart that it can be experienced without any kind of filters, how does that change the experience of myself and other people?

Directly tasted, personality begins to reveal itself in new ways.  Different human types become potent but subtle flavors, like fine wines.  Other people become beautiful, even those who are suffering, or who hurt others.  The dance of life is revealed.

Does compassion grow through this kind of experience?  Suddenly I feel like I can love anyone, no matter who or how they are — even myself.

a new organ of perception
People contain inner “seeds” that can sprout into new sensory modes if they are properly exercised.  Can a new “organ of personality perception” be grown?  What is it like to possess one?  How do other people taste?

It’s like realizing that I have been viewing the world in black and white since early childhood, as I start to see the colors again.  It’s like becoming able to really taste food after years of eating library paste.

A new sense organ can grow, nurtured by the enneagram.  People take on new depth and color, as the new perception begins to operate.  Delicious, complex flavors emerge, each one unique.

Is there a strangely familiar feel to this “new” skill?  Have I felt this way before?  Was this subtle sense present at birth?  What happened to it?


look for the eye of God
I want to use the enneagram as a window.  I want to ask more questions than I answer.  The enneagram itself is a question.  Will the nine-pointed symbol become an ever-evolving, organic frame for my view of others, instead of a rigid template?  Will I see them as they really are, not through some over-simplified cartoon image?  I want to look for the eye of God.  I find it in my friends, and in myself.



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