2019-0127 rainbow numbers 350

The shape above is called the enneagram. Without the numbers it is an enneagram. With them, it has many practical, mystical, and spiritual applications.

In one of its most useful applications, the enneagram accurately reflects human personalities. There are nine types corresponding to the nine numbered points. Important relationships are modeled by the lines, and there are many interesting symmetries.

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I am Nick Turner, CET, Certified to teach the enneagram by Don Riso in 1992. The enneagram changed my life by showing me for the first time what it might be like to be somebody else. Now I gladly share it with the world as an important part of my life work.

I offer private sessions for individuals, couples, and groups, online or in person, plus custom enneagram retreats hosted at a private retreat center in northwest Oregon. Find out more about these offerings.


A note about updates: In addition to running Intuitive Enneagram, I am also the resident naturalist and property manager at Willowspring, a private nature preserve and retreat center in northwest Oregon. During the spring and summer months I am frequently very busy outdoors, continuing the evolution of our 5-acre chunk of Pacific northwest paradise. As a result, updates to this site may be sparse between roughly March and September. During October through February, I usually have much more time to work online, and updates to this site may come more frequently, and in larger chunks.